OneCoin another FOMO scam

Operations Director Dr. Ruja, Mr Sebastian Greenwood and Nigel CEO of OneCoin are the leaders and associated with a pyramid scheme and manipulated the Ponci system which is a fraudulent investment activity, the scam means a process that results early investors are contributed with money falls cheated by promises of big profits As a result, profitability, saying that the money will go public, etc., the system only works if it grows the number of new victims because you have to inject money, millions of dollars have been lost so far and the company does not appear on the CoinMarketCap page. It’s not a serious project, they blend reality with lies.

OneCoin is not public, it is not decentralized, has mining equipment, mining farms have no technology to do so, do not have skills, blockchain is private. If the currency is not on the stock exchange, it does not make Forex. The CoinMarketCap page shows the 100 coins if the listed Bitcoin time remains fader cryptos and OneCoin never thought of that side because it is not a cryptocurrency is just a fake project from 2014 to date, the currency is absolutely worth nothing and not future currency, OneCoin can Not be bought anywhere in the world lacks a private wallet, much smaller ATMs. This company must pay registration and membership run by a private company, marketing or MLM, there is distrust when it should come as a network system that is not a fraud.

Manuals sold there supposedly teach you to study the word “crypto” where they give you the token for each manual where you show a miner who gives you Onecoins on a credit card where supposedly you spend that project.
OneCoin has free general wallet they have BackOffice and this system is the key because it is not anonymous, the buttons are not private and companies can access an account, make you think you have control of your account and what can happen is when Anyway you can disappear along with your money symbols or projects.

OneCoin says that undermining but being a private company does not compete against anyone other than itself, no Block Shain has to say that you can buy products with your coins but the reality is that you cannot buy anything until the coin has value.

With OneCoin if you do not sell scam not win because you win from below, with Bitcoin you can be master of your money controlling it, you have a private key portfolio that the only one can know and no one else, you can buy what you want without a problem and make transfers without anyone knowing.

Who should they claim when the company disappears? No one all over the world is very many and no one can claim anything, only those who are above the pyramid win. Almost 94% of the population have no idea what it is and how Bitcoin and scammers work what most people are looking for are third-world countries because they are more susceptible to fall and believe that MLM does not know their tokens are useless if no one they are in exchange. On the site, Scamdivar warns that it is a high-risk currency and on the page, Dead Coins is mentioned about the scam, OneCoin is the doubtful mine.

In 2019, the charges against the leader OneCoin in Manhattan, the pyramid scheme billionaire that includes the sale of fraudulent tokens, where they were arrested and some where thousands of euros were made were advertised.

They gave contracts where you stand as an independent market partner where you buy books with worthless tokens but according to them can then be “worth something” to finish this text we realize that: “It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been deceived”