Ten Most Influential Women In The World Of Cryptocurrencies: Part 2

Image: Cozendo

In this part we will focus on another 5 most influential women in crypto world


6. Perianne Boring:  “I am in tune with the vision of fighting for a better economic future and fighting for a more sustainable monetary system”. The beauty of the blockchain Founder and President of the Digital Chamber of Commerce, the Commercial Association The largest in the world representing the Blockchain Industry.  The Chamber has the function of developing a legal environment favorable to growth that fosters innovation, employment and investment by educating and advocating a favorable political environment, promoting the acceptance and use of Digital assets and technologies based on Blockchain sponsoring key industry initiatives. Which includes the Token Alliance that fosters best practices and frameworks for the responsible growth of Token networks and applications. It is normal to define Blockchain as a distributed or shared leger that has an immutable record of movements of digital devices of which there are three types of digital media: public, private and those believed to be consortium challenges. A digital asset can represent a currency such as the Bitcoin digital currency, but it can also represent all tangible and intangible assets that can be registered, tracked and assigned in a Blockchain, there are other assets such as a car title, real estate, stocks, bonds, etc. Perianne wants major changes in the future of the Digital Asset and Blockchain Industry. 

7. Jen Grayson: “We are giving everyone the ability to import, to make a difference in the world on a large scale” The CEO of Powered by Neurea,l Jennifer brings decades of executive leadership to the blockchain / crypto-space. Her firm position on women’s empowerment, legal problems and regulation education distinguishes Neural as the current cryptography space, supporting artificial intelligence, big data and cryptocurrency. Grayson says her firm will unite some of the most important technologies, Users will be able to predict anything they are passionate about such as hurricane roads, climatic changes, the extinction of a species, etc., obviously including Bitcoin prices.

 8. Meltem Demirors : “I try to help people understand that it is crypto because it provides freedom of choice and a new lens through which to see the world” Director of Digital Development Group Currency (DCG) and member of the Blockchain Council of the World Economic Forum. Her role in CoinShares Supervises the STRATEGY focused on creating and supporting, focusing on developing and managing the portfolio of active strategies leading investment firms to provide, advise and support Institutional Investors, founders that build early stage companies of Bitcoins and Blockchain. Further her role is showing them a thematic and risk exposure to the ecosystem of emerging cryptographic assets, thus leveraging their knowledge and experience in network and access to capital, and all this to accelerate the growth of the class of crypto assets and the companies that develop them. Demirors leads  Shiny Pony Ventures foundation where he invests personal money in new cryptocurrency companies, she is passionate about financial privacy and civil liberties. 

9. Raine Revere: “Wealth without values ​​is just another kind of hell” “Let’s learn from the past and take a position for the kind of future we want to create.” Crypyomoneda Completive Psychotherapist and Engineer. she was Principal Architect of ShapeShift Prism and now works as Co-Founder of Maiden, a company that seeks to diversify the Blockchain community through accessible Education. Revere is an Educator and Engineer in the high-level architecture of smart contracts that develop a decentralized digital asset management platform that secures user funds on the network in the Ethereum community. As a Therapist, Teacher and Cryptocurrency Engineer, Revere has the unique ability to get deeply involved with the technical and social aspects of technology, which makes him think that the culture that develops around Blockchain could spread worldwide, which would give an opportunity to imagine and design an inclusive economy, financially and culturally. Revere knew that Blockchain would be a Revolutionary change and wanted to be part of it. 

10. Galia Benartzi: “We have this system that generates inequality and we see it in each Nation. The income differences are increasing and the distribution of wealth is increasingly unfair. We have poorer and richer than ever. Some people they are here to make money. But some of us feel the urgency of using this technology to improve the world. ” she co-founded Mytopia, the first social gaming company for smartphones, and Particle Code, a cross-platform development technology for mobile applications (acquired by Appcelerator) and was a partner at Founders Fund. Now Co-founder of Bancor that allows the easy creation of Smart Tokens, which enable the incorporation of new functionalities in crypto currencies, the world’s first open source protocol that guarantees liquidity in the chain between any Blockchain-based assets, making it easy the conversion of cryptocurrencies and facilitating the formation of prices per transaction. Bancor is determined to create a platform with universal utility that can raise the industry to new heights and forever change the economic landscape. For now it facilitates automated conversions for 68 different types of cryptocurrencies. Gaul realized the inequalities of the current banking system, so she saw fit to take all the benefits of the emergence of independent digital currencies from a government and decided to be part of the cryptographic movement, which made to carry out an initiative so that anyone can Create your own currency, a currency that is interchangeable with each other without any barrier of intermediaries. 

The cryptocurrency is not only a boys club, Crypto is an equal opportunity and this is just the beginning. There are a lot of women in cryptography, only they are on the wrong path … they work for small tyrants.  “Decentralization is a myth” The 100 most important Bitcoin accounts have almost 20% of the tokens, 80% of all market value is captured by the seven main protocols, and so on. Actually crypto is very centralized in each layer of the infrastructure.  In the protocol layer, in the network layer and the application layer. Demirors says how can we contribute ethics and behavioral psychology and also more discipline to this ecosystem to make it more accessible and to really achieve the vision we set out to create?  Benartzi suggest strongly that the gender balance in a company is essential and yet, if you don’t actively fight for it, especially in technology and cryptography, it will easily escape you”.

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