Why One Should Invest, Things to know

Why One Should Invest, Things to know


  • Like any investment there are pros and cons, crypto is basically an asset class with high volatility. 

  • Crypto market moves resemble the standard market, but on steroids. Consider these stats taken from Forbes:

    • On June 25 2019, Ether’s price was $335.10.  On July 16, it was worth $205.86. That’s a 40% value drop in 21 days.

    • On February 7 2019, Bitcoin was worth $3451.55.  On July 9th, it cost $12,647,99. That’s a 3.6X growth in about 150 days

  • Diversify the exposure by trading in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

  • Financial opportunity, which can also be seen as a threat, can be seen in volatile course exchanges. But what we want to highlight here is that with the current situation in the world, you as a current or future cryptocurrency owner, should not share publicly information about your possessions. 

  • Fyggex is not a crypto investment adviser, so do not use it to make any investment decisions.




Image: Pexels