Want To Study Blockchain? Here Are The Best Universities, Apply For 2021

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies are developing rapidly and professionals with those types of skills are highly demanded. Many universities are teaching their students blockchain technology through research projects, however, some go a step further and offer courses in that area. In this article, we looked into some countries and universities to see where blockchain classes are organized.


At New York University students were able to complete a course “The Law and Business of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies” in 2014. The class is available during both semesters and is covering the paying mechanisms of Bitcoin and others. In 2018, NYU Stern School of Business launched a major in blockchain technology.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is currently offering many courses related to blockchain. There are courses such as “Crypto Finance”, “Blockchain Ethics: The Impact and Ethics of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology” and “Blockchain and Money”. MIT is also organizing a “Blockchain Lab”, where students are involved in development projects with companies. Additionally, there is a free online course “Cryptocurrency Engineering and Design”, where the design of cryptocurrencies is reviewed with theory and programming assignments.

Princeton has organised a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies” since 2015. The course lasts 11 weeks and teaches students foundations for engineering secure software that can interact with Bitcoin and its network. However, this course does not provide a certificate of completion.

At Harvard, there is an online “Introduction to Blockchain and Bitcoin” course offered by Harvard Extension School. The students are required to know Python as a programming language. The class focuses on economic, mathematical and computational foundations of blockchain.



York University School of Continuing Studies has launched two blockchain programmes this fall. One is a full-time Post-Graduate Certificate in Back-End and Blockchain Development, the other is a part-time Certificate in Blockchain Development. The courses are designed to help students become blockchain professionals by providing the knowledge and helping the students to build portfolio in blockchain 

University of British Columbia has offered a blockchain and distributed ledger technology training programme since January 2020. The programme is aimed at master’s and PhD students and focuses on areas such as health and wellness, clean energy, regulatory technology and indigenous issues.



In the United Kingdom, blockchain courses are offered by a couple of universities. At the University of Edinburgh, students can participate in, for example, the “Blockchain and distributed ledgers” course. This university is also one of the first ones in Europe to provide such courses. 

Additionally, University of London is going to offer a course on blockchain programming, where students gain theoretical and practical knowledge. There is also an introduction course “Blockchain and cryptocurrencies”

The University of Cumbria is offering blockchain and cryptocurrency courses. Interestingly, it also allows you to pay for the programmes in bitcoin. This became possible in 2014, which makes the University of Cumbria the first public one in the world to do that. 



IT professionals working in Ireland can get a master’s degree in blockchain technology. Dublin City University together with a tech company ICT Skillnet is offering a “Master’s in Blockchain: Distributed Ledger Technologies”. It is an online programme lasting two years, that started in fall 2019.



Swiss universities are among the leading ones in blockchain technology. By the 2019 Leaders in Crypto report by Coinbase, two swiss universities rank very high. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), which is positioned first in Europe and fifth worldwide, offers a number of blockchain courses. Students can choose from classes such as “Decentralized systems engineering”, “Financial applications of blockchains and distributed ledgers” and “Distributed algorithms”. In turn, ETH Zurich, which ranks eighth in the world, organises classes in “Blockchain for Sustainability”, “Distributed systems” and “Blockchain Security Seminar”.



In 2019, IT University of Copenhagen organised the Blockchain Summer School, where students could learn the foundations, tools and platforms of blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The Summer School has been organised for the fourth time by the European Blockchain Center, IT University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School and Copenhagen University. The University of Copenhagen has also been ranked ninth in the world in terms of blockchain and cryptocurrency education in the Coinbase report. 



University of Oslo also offers a course “Distributed Blockchain Technologies” aimed mostly at master and PhD students and provides theoretical knowledge on the topic. 



University of Malta has launched a master’s degree in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology in 2019. It lasts 3 years and it is aimed at undergraduates in ICT, Business or Law, as students can choose specialization in these areas. Malta is one of the leading European countries in blockchain and DLT, with regulations that foster the technologies. 



The University of Nicosia is offering a “world’s first” Master’s degree in Digital Currency, which was launched in 2014. The first course in the programme is available for free to all, who are proficient in English. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is called Introduction to Digital Currency and it is focusing on the fundamental principles of digital currency. The Master’s degree includes mandatory as well as elective courses in economics, banking, finance, law and computer science. The complete programme cost €12 960 and it takes a minimum of a year to graduate. It is offered both online and on campus. 



An Australian public research university – RMIT University, has two postgraduate programmes for blockchain and cybersecurity, that launched this month. The programmes are created with IBM, Palo Alto Networks, and Stone & Chalk. Students will be taught to apply the technologies to companies’ operations. Earlier this year, the university started another blockchain course “Developing Blockchain Strategy”, which lasts eight weeks. 



This year, the Chengdu Information Engineering University launched a bachelor’s degree in blockchain technology in its, newly created, Blockchain Engineering Department. There are already some programmes for postgraduate students in blockchain, however this one is the first ever undergraduate degree. The topics covered by the programme are design, project management and implementation of blockchain systems. 



The National University of Singapore has a number of blockchain related courses for students, but also professionals, such as “ Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies”, “Cryptography Theory and Practice” and “Introduction to Blockchain and DLT for Executives”. Additionally, there is a blockchain laboratory at the university. 





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