Fyggex VIP Insiders Interview Series 13: Patrik Andersson, Vice Chairman: MyData Global

Who is Patrik Andersson?

Earlier this year Patrik started own company related to safety with linking data, the Semaltic path and worked mainly with information systems in logistics, transport and as a researcher. He does not work with blockchain, more than talking about it and engaged in the community, so that it grows and arranges meetings so people can talk about it. 

The purpose of MyData meetings is to gain more knowledge for yourself and also to help others also learn more or so that they might even invest in Bitcoin themselves. Look at new identity models, and new systems on the digital self. That is the plan with My Data Non-profit association – Own their data or at least control it. To see data from a safety perspective. I have been working with security all my life so that is probably how I got into it.


What got you started with blockchain?

Very curious as a person to know more about, Bitcoin is “the next big thing”, interested in how to decentralize structures and decentralize the system in a way that other systems did not solve before, these are the things I got curious to start to know about blockchain.


When did you start your company?

Unofficial February, earlier this year but right now there is hold, due to corona.


What’s been tough lately?

For me, it hasn’t changed much. I worked with the EU Commission as an expert on a unit called EBSI. We went from physical meetings to digital, from going to Brussels several times a year, to nothing at all now. 


How would you say the EU views the blockchain?

Very, very positive, it is in their strategy, it is a huge amount of money that they have invested or plan to invest in blockchain. They simply believe in it.


How do they see the future with it?

European Blockchain service infrastructure, this is an evolutionary way of working with new use case stories. In the first phase, we have started from a number of services or functions and have had to solve either cross border or cross institution and solve data then between authorities. Then you instead start from the user. Then you put the user perspective in the middle. So the potential there is huge, I would say. But then if something is happening from the EU side, I don’t know. There is nothing explicit about bringing something like this or Euro Digital. But it is possible that the infrastructure to a great extent, is only up to the countries that are involved and develop to lead this forward.


Which countries in the EU do you think will work on this?

Cryptocurrencies, Sweden together with France, I would say are most conservative, but at the same time Sweden does its own tests at the Riksbank, but it has nothing to do with the EU. Then there are several countries further ahead, such as Italy. They did a project in 2013 and in 2018 received an answer to this from a project from blockchain. So there are several countries that have been working on this for a very long time.


Are there any projects that we will see in the near future?

EBIS, I hope, that it gets more space in Sweden and the Nordic countries. There has been a lot of talking about it in Finland and Estonia, for example, digital infrastructure is on the tape. Also Gaia X which is a large project from Germany that you may hear about, which already has solutions for Europe.


What do you think will be difficult in the future?

I think the most difficult development is to understand that Crypto currency is here and that it is already in use. To give all EU citizens a legal basis to deal and understand this. There was a meeting when the President of France stood up and said that France would never let Facebook launch its solution and there is a crisis that authorities are going through that this exists ,but you can not really handle it and do not really know what to do. At the same time, you try to test yourself and see what you can do and how it works. Brand new ways of governing this are needed, a brand new governance in Europe.


Who do you think will move this forward?

Put your money where the mouth is, That is, it is the market and the users who control it in the end. What is interesting is that if you look at it in a perspective and democracy, you use what you need and no one else can force you to use something else. That is what will happen, if there is enough support. That it is safe and sound .


What is Mydata?

It is a digital human rights movement, made up from researchers and entrepreneurs, all around the world. People who want to be able to control their own data. There are concepts under the idea that we are trying to realize. The movement started in Finland and then there are 2 different ways to be a member, there are hubs and thematic groups who choose to focus on different things, skill dating that will provide a degree certificate. It is member funded and I think they have funding from the EU but it is probably not done yet. The Government of Finland has been very forthcoming in helping and financing My data. A procurement has now been developed and Helsinki is first out with Mydata operator and will help the residents to handle the data according to these principles.

I hope this can become some kind of standard and legislated in some countries. EU new directives, they are very well worded and exciting. So these we will be able to support once they are taken into phase. I think Mydata should have received more publicity than the GDPR has received. What Mydata stands for is a more rallied relationship to what the world looks like now, where you see personal data as a secret business secret rather than it is actually the customer’s own data.

Thank you Patrik for taking the time for this interview and for sharing your story and expertise. We wish you all the best of luck for all your current and future projects. 


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