Ivan On Tech Academy

Are you the kind of person who likes to learn more by listening than reading?

Ivan On Tech Academy is the leading online university for blockchain, cryptocurrencies and programming. Every day they send live updates on what is happening on the market on YouTube. Making the necessary up-to-date skills accessible for anyone interested in pursuing a career in blockchain. With 30 different courses you will find something that is suited for your needs. Ivan Liljeqvist is the face out for Ivan on tech, together with Filip Martinsson.

Ivan on tech is a cryptocurrency platform and an investor in cryptocurrency. Ivan started his career as an entrepreneur, with a background in computer science. Ivan and Filip felt there was a gap on how to educate people in blockchain and in cryptocurrency, so they decided on creating an online university for people to take courses.

Fyggex has in the past participated in a lot of different webinars and Ivan on tech is a platform we always like to return to. They are up to date and have relevant and updated news and tips on how to get the most out of your trading. Ivan on tech has a live show on YouTube every weekday, 8am CET, where he talks about the market and his ideas on what is going to happen.

Ivan has a way of attracting his audience and talks so everyone can understand and keep up with the latest news. The shows on YouTube are for free and can watch them whenever you would like to. If you are new to trading or if you would just like a new perspective, we highly recommend you to watch an episode or two. We find it perfect to have in the background when we are in the kitchen!




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