Blockchain based vaccine passport in South Korea soon!

South Korea will introduce blockchain-powered vaccine passports via a smartphone app later this month. South Korea is one of many nations introducing the vaccine certificates that enable cross-border travel while trying to mitigate the risk of infections.

The Prime Minister of South Korea Chung Sye-kyun suggested there could be substantial benefits for citizens at home too, as the Prime Minister says during a pandemic response meeting:
“Introduction of the vaccine passport or ´Green Pass´ will only allow those who have been vaccinated to experience the recovery to their daily lives.”

The major reason

The biggest reason for using the blockchain technology to verify that the vaccine was for a specific person is to avoid a situation where someone can photocopy a vaccine certificate and alter the name of the user.

The adaptation of the vaccine passport has been controversial in many other countries, China and a few other countries have already introduced certificates and the EU has not due to pressure from tourist-dependent countries.
Many other countries have faced strong opposition to the concept of vaccine passport.

The use of blockchain technology in South Korea is used to upgrade the quality of the medical records, hence the realization of data-centric hospitals.
The data is to be collected using biosensors and digital neural networks for smart medical centers.

While 77,000 people have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in South Korea so far by the time of writing, the government hopes to have more than 12 million vaccinated people by June.





Image: mobile.twitter.com/TheBlueHouseENG

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