Gamers vs Miners

Graphics processing unit (GPU) manufacturers have been having a rough time with delivering stock to their retailers. The pandemic contributed to manufacturers being able to deliver on time and demand.

Graphics card manufacturer Nvidia is warning that their RTX 30 series GPU will be in short supply for the rest of 2021. Semiconductor manufacturers TSMC and Intel are warning about chip supply issues that could last through 2022. The global chip shortage has created a challenge for consumers in finding new GPUs, CPUs or other gaming consoles. (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) and Intel

Prices skyrocket

Cryptocurrency miners are buying mid-to-high-end GPUs as soon as they become available, rapidly emptying the stocks and getting the prices up 2x MSRP (Manufacturer’s suggested retail price).Currently you can only buy 2 graphics cards or less per person. This high demand is creating a problem for gamers who are at a loss with scalpers and cryptominers depleting stock. 

 Having GPUs run at full capacity 24/7, they often burn out and that is why cryptominers are overstocking..

Pandemic impact on job market

With the rise in job losses, people started to find alternative ways to earn an income. 
The demand for GPUs started when the price of Bitcoin increased.

78 RTX 3080’s GPUs Earning 20 Grand a month in the start of 2021. Source: wccftech

Bitmain to the rescue?

The Chinese mining farm, Bitmain, has released a teaser for its upcoming ASIC Antminer E9 Ethereum mining box.

This might be good news for PC gamers since the Antminer E9 is much better at mining Ethereum than the best GPUs in the market which has the hash rate of 3 GH/s. This is equivalent to 32 GeForce RTX 3080s, Nvidias and one of the best graphic cards in the market.

If the cryptominers would use the Antminer E9 this would free up graphic cards for the gamers, but it will cost the miners around $20,000 – $40,000.

Unfortunately, ASIC miners are impossible to buy since the units are selling out faster than the next-gen consoles or the best graphic cards.

Fyggex has reached out to Intel, AMD and Nvidia, where Nvidia replied to our investigation with: “No comments”.





Image: Wolfgang Eckert 

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