Press Release: Artists as NFTs

Fyggex Oy Ab is the first Finnish start-up that has specialized in export of NFT production and services. Fyggex has now published Australian-Swedish “mockumentary”. The documentary movie characters in the form of NFTs, providing an entirely new way of funding and actor compensation, which has not yet been seen in the film industry. Instead of traditional movie festivals, television and film launch procedures of the documentary movies, Swedish based  Bitjoin Studios decided to publish their documentary film first on the internet. Finnish start-up. Fyggex Oy Ab was in charge of creating and launching the NFTs for it, covering all 28 actors with their personal NFTs, as well as historical collectible digital cards for the digital audience in the Wax blockchain.
Brief summary to key questions:
  • Who? 
    Bitjoin studios has created a film which investigates and criticizes the cryptocurrency industry as a “mockumentary” in documentary movie format. Finnish Start-up Fyggex Oy Ab has launched the first NFT collectibles of it on Wax blockchain marketplace.


  • What? 
    Historically this is the first time when a documentary film is being funded with NFTs, enabling the actors to get directly their own share of the outcome.



  • Why?
    As the film is a commentary analysis about the cryptocurrency industry, it was natural to also launch the film related NFTs on a blockchain. Tom Gillespie goes deeper than generic warnings of the mainstream media and transparently illustrates how different players in the cryptocurrency market operate as it is.


  • When? The film is available 1st June 2021 as well as the NFTs in Wax blockchain


  • How? We are available to answer any of your inquiries, concerns or further questions
Kari Syrjä, Fyggex OY Chairman of the board 
“For a small start-up this represents a major international breakthrough. The NFT creation of Bitjoin studios made us a global service export vendor overnight. Most blockchain companies are international by default and our collaborators from three continents have gained strong scalable know-how of the NFT creation process now. Thanks to this NFT project Fyggex.com has already got other inquiries from Iceland and Sweden. Hopefully Finnish movie makers and art scene also notice this opportunity to access brand new digital funding during these pandemic times”.
Tom Gillepsie, Bitjoin Studios
“Using overpriced Ether (Ethereum blockchain tokens) to buy overpriced #NFTs reminds me of the old joke about a woman who tries selling her pet cat for $10,000. Since she can’t find any buyers actually willing to pay $10,000 in cash for her dog she ends up trading her $10,000 cat for two $5,000 dogs”.
Luis Garcia, Fyggex NFT specialist: “ NFT production was actually pretty easy, but it is not free as different blockchains cause costs. As it requires a bit of technical effort and therefore it has been a pleasure to work with a community of Wax blockchain experts to make this happen globally. we will help you with the difficulties and technological part that seems hard for others and help you reach your goals”.
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