Fyggex.com, also known as The Fyggexchange, a Blockchain and Virtual Currency insights platform, has been here since early spring of 2019. Our purpose is to create a decentralized community that shares knowledge and valuable up to date information of latest opportunities and risks within decentralized finance.

Our story started earlier in 2016, when the original founders Kari Syrja and Metin Asqari wanted to focus on emerging technologies and finance around the Blockchain industry. While visiting several meetups and technology conferences, they recognized the gap that had not been fulfilled.

Today Fyggex.com analysts provide insights on several continents. In addition to the informative website, Fyggex.com has created a global community that offers peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, consumer and company consulting, workshops, and selected insider insights exclusively to the Fyggex community members.

The information provided will always be based on publicly available sources.
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Disclaimer: Fyggex enables peer to peer commentary and exchange between community members and the experts only. We do not ourselves give any financial advice, guidance, nor recommend any individual nor company to directly or indirectly invest in any asset class. Past performance is not a guarantee of future success.