Fyggex.com, also known as The Fyggexchange, Your Virtual Currency news platform, has been live since early spring of 2019

The history of our platform started earlier 2016, when two Oracle executives, one technical director and the other from business management, decided to focus on emerging technologies around the blockchain industry. With the growing interest of the technology, future possibilities and regular visit to blockchain meetups and conferences they saw a gap that was not fulfilled. There were tons of unclear information and plenty of scammers in the industry which created deep concern for the dark side that links to Cryptocurrencies where so many had lost money to unserious and suspicious companies. Partly as a result of these discussions, they both left Oracle and started, with some initial investors, the Fyggex.com operating company Fyggex Oy AB company in Finland durinh 2019 spring.

Purpose of the Fyggex.com is to inform the readers about traditional currency and virtual cryptocurrency news, differences, risks and opportunities out there. The founders felt that earlier when the company was started, there were only highly technical or clearly misleading suspicious scam websites available. The idea was to create a site where common people would get understandable knowledge that their traditional bank would not offer, nor local newspaper cover while aspiring to stay objective and alert the public of any potential red flags and risks associated with the mentioned technologies.

Today Fyggex.com analysts provide insights on several continents, both traditional and virtual currency fluctuations as well as commentary of the latest emerging technology changes. In addition to the informative website, Fyggex Oy Ab offers emerging Blockchain technology-related advisory consumer and company consulting, workshops and selected insights to Fyggex community members. You are welcome to contact us through open commentary field at the Contact side on Fyggex.com, Your Virtual Currency Insights Platform, does not give any financial services advice, guidance, nor recommend any individual nor company to directly or indirectly invest in any asset class.

Our information provided at Fyggex.com will be always based on publicly available sources and past performance is not a guarantee of future success.