The Latest Update On Brexit And The Pound Sterling

As the UK sails closer to a Brexit deadline, investors have been keeping a strong eye on the situation that has been unfolding these past weeks. After experiencing the lowest...
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Russian Ruble: What Happened In 2020 & Is Crypto On Its Way?

In the early days of December 2020, the Russian Ruble was under immense pressure, with a new low against the Dollar in its sights. The currency is known for being...
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Fyggex VIP Insiders Interview Series 15: Maciej Krasowski, Co-Founder & CRO At BinarApps

Meet Maciej Krasowski, the co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at BinarApps, a software company from Łódź, Poland. He is also a founding member and organizer of the Blockchain Polska Association....
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Japanese SBI Group Acquires UK’s Crypto Trading Firm B2C2

SBI Financial Services, subsidiary of SBI Holdings Inc, a Japanese corporation has purchased the UK-based cryptocurrency trading company B2C2 and becomes the first major financial group to operate a digital...
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Fyggex VIP Insiders Interview Series 14: Jamile Hamideh, Chairman Of The Board For Blockchain Forum Finland, Tech Lawyer

Jamile Hamideh is a technology lawyer, who is currently focused on Blockchain, Digital identity and data protection, exploring how we can use technology in a responsible manner that creates a...
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What Happened To The Brazilian Real In 2020?

Brazil boasts the largest economy in South America and the eight largest in the world as one of the BRICS nations. Brazilian Real, being one of the top twenty most...
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The Rebound Of The Canadian Dollar In 2020

The Canadian Dollar has seen a rebound in its performance following a hard hit taken by the first COVID-19 wave in March 2020. It suffered a 7.8% decrease in value...
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Fyggex VIP Insiders Interview Series 13: Patrik Andersson, Vice Chairman: MyData Global

Who is Patrik Andersson? Earlier this year Patrik started own company related to safety with linking data, the Semaltic path and worked mainly with information systems in logistics, transport and...
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Fyggex VIP Insiders Interview Series 12: Tey El-Rjula. Crypto Pioneer, 4x TEDx Speaker, Writer & Award Winner Tech Entrepreneur

Tey’s story is an unlikely one. Labelled as The Invisible Man at the age of 5 to becoming a literal in the Netherlands 25 years later. He is an early...
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