The Latest Update On Brexit And The Pound Sterling

As the UK sails closer to a Brexit deadline, investors have been keeping a strong eye on the situation that has been unfolding these past weeks. After experiencing the lowest...
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Japanese SBI Group Acquires UK’s Crypto Trading Firm B2C2

SBI Financial Services, subsidiary of SBI Holdings Inc, a Japanese corporation has purchased the UK-based cryptocurrency trading company B2C2 and becomes the first major financial group to operate a digital...
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Brexit’s Effect On Ireland & The UK

Four years on from the Brexit referendum, a deal was accepted in January 2020, which signified the official withdrawal from the EU.  Across the sea, Ireland remains within the EU....
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Top 5 UK Companies Using Blockchain In 2020

                                               UK Companies Innovating In Blockchain   The...
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Brexit & The Pound Sterling: Where Are We Now?

The Brexit elections back in 2016, sent the British pound sterling (GBP) into a spiral of chaos, in the recent years it is clear that the UK and the pound...
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Bank of England Governor: Virtual currency like libra could ease dependence on the US Dollar

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney proposed a transformation of the global financial system by replacing the US dollar with a Facebook like Libra digital currency. Before leaving office in...
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