What Caused The Collapse In Venezuelan Bolívar & How Are They Fixing It?

The Venezuelan economy has been a hot topic since the early 2000’s to mid-2010’s, with the country experiencing hyperinflation due to a collapse in their economy and national currency- the...
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Dollarized Fintech ATMS in Venezuela?

As of November 7, the platform will put into operation dollarized ATMs in Caracas, Valencia, and Barquisimeto. We present to you a series of keys to what you should know...
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PETRO (part-2): 1st Country on Earth that Launched their Own Digital Currency

Petro, is the first digital currency promoted by the government in the world. It has been already introduced in several businesses such as in clothing, food appliances, household, perfumery and...
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PETRO: Review On Venezuela’s National Digital Currency (Part 1)

Venezuela, a country located in South America, has the largest oil reserves in the world (Opec). Paradoxically, despite these natural reserves, their internal political conflict and USA led International embargo...
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