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Breathing with awareness | #01 | Flow Meditation for modern life

Teleport into Icelandic nature for a moment of meditation. Feel your breath deepen as you watch the waves hit the coast of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. This NFT is number 01...
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SBI Group Launches Japan’s First “Crypto Asset Fund”

SBI Group, a major Ripple Asian partner, has announced the launch of the ‘SBI Cryptocurrency Asset Fund,’ which will allow general investors to hold seven different cryptocurrencies, including Ripple (XRP),...
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What Is AAVE and How Does It Work?

Crypto lending has emerged as one of DeFi’s (Decentralized Finance) most promising use cases, attracting a slew of platforms, tools, apps, and players all claiming to revolutionize the way tokens...
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Bitcoin city. What is it?

No. Currently we are not writing about Metaverse. We are speaking about a real city that is planned to grow in El Salvador, with funding from Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies linked...
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Fyggex VIP Insiders Interview Series 34: German Ramirez

This VIP interview series has quite good track record of finding TedX speakers and industry thought leaders. German Ramirez is not an exception, as he is one of the movers...
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Will Uniswap break over the $31 resistance level?

Uniswap, the world’s most popular decentralized exchange (DEX) is witnessing unprecedented growth, with $4.8 billion in total liquidity now on the platform2. However lately, the price of Uniswap crypto currency...
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Fyggex VIP insiders interview series 33: Laura Degiovanni, Founder & CEO of TiiQu

Are you interested in the blockchain use case for recognition & compensation? We at Fyggex are! Meet at our latest interview Laura Degiovanni about where we discuss her take on...
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Is Chainlink expecting a strong breakout upswing?

Chainlink (LINK) cryptocurrency prices have struggled to find stability following the May 19 meltdown and have remained below the fundamental demand threshold since then. However, LINK’s fortunes have flipped around,...
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Press Release: “World’s first meditation company to be in the blockchain”

Innovative Iceland shows the way with unique NFT! As the very first ones in the world, Icelandic meditation and virtual reality (VR) startup Flow launches itself on the Flow blockchain via...
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